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The therapeutic relationship can be one of the most rewarding of them all. Freud explained that insight and understanding in itself facilitates growth and change; which psychotherapy aims to achieve, but that real lasting change occurs within a meaningful relationship between client and counsellor. In addition to insight, you are provided with the opportunity to learn more about yourself. To be in a space where feelings, behaviours, experiences and fears are discovered, accepted and understood. One can subsequently master such experiences and facilitate emotional, mental and physical well-being. Even silence is significant for this process of growth.
Psychotherapy can be a quick intervention to support you in improving current issues or unhealthy habits. Alternatively it can be an extended long-term relationship- where you can redefine your life with the support of a therapist. Together we work on a treatment plan that evolves over time with you, the client, in the drivers seat.
My interest in psychology was sparked after being in awe of the courage people have when acknowledging their struggles and seeking help. I feel privileged to form part of the process of people’s healing and growth and enjoy seeing a client discover their abilities to navigate through life. I work with an integrative style in order to allow a tailor-made approach to every individual client. I thoroughly enjoy individual, couple and group therapy.

Change happens within the Relationship -
The Therapeutic Relationship

Why Therapy might be helpful to you

One of the greatest difficulties in life is not knowing what exactly is the underlying problem. Psychotherapy is the dynamic exploration of ones problematic areas, to uncover what really holds you back. In a society where media and technology have affected one’s individuality; and in some instances have led to isolation, it seems apparent that people feel more disconnected from themselves, their families, unique interests and communities than ever before.
Furthermore, it appears that psychological issues develop in a state of disconnection, which include, amongst others, mood instabilities, personality struggles and anxiety. Therefore I would like to consider myself as a reconnection facilitator that would support you in reconnecting with yourself, your world and your purpose.


Individual & Couples Therapy


Personal & professional Image Development. Corporate Wellness & Career Development


Premarital Counselling, Relationship Facilitation & Divorce Care

Online Counselling

All the above services are available Online, anywhere in the world.

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