The therapeutic relationship can be one of the most rewarding of them all.

Freud explained that insight and understanding in itself facilitates growth and change; which psychotherapy aims to achieve. In addition to insight, you are provided with the opportunity to learn more about yourself. To be in a space where feelings, behaviours, experiences and fears are discovered, accepted and understood. One can subsequently to master them and facilitate emotional well-being. Even silence is significant for this process of growth.

Psychotherapy can be a quick intervention to support you in improving current issues or unhealthy habits. Alternatively it can be an extended long-term relationship- where you can redefine your life with the support of a therapist. Together we work on a treatment plan that evolves over time with you, the client, in the drivers seat.

My interest in psychology was sparked after being in awe of the courage people had in acknowledging their struggles and seeking help. I feel privileged to form part of the process of people’s healing and growth and enjoy seeing a client discover their abilities to navigate through life. I work from an integrative style in order to allow a tailor-made approach to every individual client.

I thoroughly enjoy individual, couples, and group therapy.

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I work with individuals who experience trauma and challenges and can also be dealt within individual, group or couples therapy.

Career Guidance, Assessment and Study Skills Support

Choices, Choices, Choices.

Career Guidance, Assessment and Study Skill Support are all intertwined to form a holistic approach in achieving future success. Subject Choice and Career decisions are made as early as Grade 9 when learners need to choose a career path forward. Apart from establishing one’s personal identity and developing as a human being, difficult decisions need to be made regarding one’s career. Such a choice can be very daunting and therefore the support of assessment tools and guidance may streamline the process.

I provide the following psychometric services:

  • Subject Choice Assessment for Grade 7 and Grade 9 learners.
  • Career Guidance Assessment and Counselling for Grade 11 and Grade 12 learners
  • Career Guidance Assessment and Support for Adults of all ages looking to change or manage their career path
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In addition, I provide services that help student better manage their time and abilities to study and achieve the goals they set out to achieve

Legal Case Management

Legalities and Technicalities can be confusing. Seek support in this possibly scary yet exhausting time.

Having an external person helping and supporting clients during the mediation process during divorce or legal proceedings can be helpful. I therefore cater specifically for clients who struggle and attempt to maintain a sense of normality whilst in the midst of a legal battle of any kind.

Parental Guidance

Unfortunately parenting did not come with a manual. Let’s brainstorm in a supportive and creative way to make this phase of your life as rewarding as possible.

Being a parent is probably one of the most challenging tasks human beings are faced with. It might be filled with great challenge and great joy. I provide support for parents who look to expand their knowledge and expertise in being the best parents they can be

I work with individuals who experience challenges and trauma associated with:

Adjustment Disorders

Career Counselling
Emotional Literacy
Existential Related Challenges
Gender Related Dysphoria

Loss and Grief
Mid-life Crisis
Parent Infant Relationships
Parenting Skills
Personality Concerns

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Relationship Difficulties: Filial or Work Related
Sexual Abuse

Substance Abuse
Sexual Concerns
Transitional or Life-changing Challenges